I never built Wake Up Warrior to liberate another man, I uncovered the Art and Science of the Warriors Way while I was fucking fighting to put my own life back together. It was only after I had proved it for years in my own life did I start leading other men to learn and eventually live this science. In the end I lead from what I live period.

I am asked often, “Garrett how did you get to where you are today?” In order to understand how I got to where I am today you have to understand what I have gone through to get here. Below you will see a critical timeline with significant moments that changed everything for me starting with where I am today and then working backwards clear to my childhood!

Garrett J White's Story


Invests in brand new HQ and team expands to 35+ full time team members. Surfing has become a religion for Garrett. Big Money Stylist Completely Handed off to Danielle and her teams. Isla By Natural Beaded Rows Extension hair line launches. Warrior Greens Powered Greens Launches. Warrior Week continues to sell out. Warrior Builds out a New HQ in Dana Point, CA to host weekly events. Warrior cancels Warrior Con 4 and refocuses efforts on small group classes. Warrior takes all books off of Amazon and Launches the KINGS Journey and the EMPIRE Journey Four new books to be written & published: Attack With the Stack, The Have it All Lifestyle, Knock and I Shall Be Opened,Winning Impossible Games. New APP Series launched with The Stack App, The Core App, The Door App & The Game App. Warrior finally figures out the Client Journey of expansion for the men. Garrett begins to shift the focus of Warrior back to the basics with the men and doubles down on internal course work creation, self guided challenges and support facilitators to allow for the message to scale again.
Warrior Tracking for the year $20+ Million In Revenue.


Builds permanent Pod Cast Studio. Launches Date Your Wife, Warrior Wealth, Warrior Week & the Big Money Stylist POD CASTS. Launches the iTunes Warrior EMPIRE Pod Cast Network. WARRIOR BOOK + BE THE MAN Books sold together. Kings Kit program Launched our 9,000 men in 120 days join. Round Three of the Kingdom Software ($1M+ Invested this year). Warrior Wealth Summit 2 – 500+ men. Warrior Con 3 – 1,300+ men. Big Money Stylist begins taking over the training game in hair. DKW Styling Salon purchases the building and expands location. BMS Convention. Warrior Woman (300+ woman). Warrior Wealth Woman (400+ Woman). Warrior Woman challenge  program tested. Launches Warrior Wealth Insurance Agency. Garrett shuts down the Woman programs and hands over the HAIR Game to Danielle. Warrior Breaks $15.5 Million in Revenue and continues to expand


WARRIOR BOOK “Physical Copy published” 10,000 Copies sold at $100 in the first 9 months. Speaks at Funnel Hacking Live THREE with Russell Brunson. Warrior continues to sell out 100% of its Warrior Week events. Warrior launches the certified trainer program. Warrior Wealth Summit 1- 500+ men. Warrior Con 2 – 500+ Men. Launches Big Money Stylist Training Systems sells out the entire year of training. New Studio build in Dana Point, CA. BE THE MAN BOOK launches to the internal student base. Invested in new beach Front home. Starts Surfing and falls absolutely in love with the ocean. Gets for LAMBO. Round Two of the KINGDOM Software ($1M+ Invested this year). New York Post Article done on Warrior Week. Two Documentaries shot about Warrior Week. Warrior breaks $10.1 Million in Revenue and continues to expand


WARRIOR BOOK version one launches to internal student base. Speaks at Funnel Hacking Live TWO with Russell Brunson. Warrior BOOK. Digital Book Built and launched and sold. Warrior Continues to sell out every single event and has waiting lists. Danielle opens first DKW Styling Salon in Laguna Beach CA. New Offices in Dana Point, CA. Warrior CON ONE and 350 MEN in attendance. Warrior X tested for 10 events. Round One of the KINGDOM Software ($500k invested). Warrior breaks $4.4 Million in revenue and the brand continues to expand.


Wake Up Warrior continues selling out Warrior Week & Building the Empire Mastermind. Speaks at Funnel Hacking Live One with Russell Brunson. Moves from Ladera Ranch, CA to Dana Point, CA. Garrett attends KOKORO. Garrett goes off of Social Media for 1 year. Warrior Launches the BLACK BOX (First time training found digital) only 100 copies released at $5,000 per. Warrior On Fire Pod Cast Launches. Warrior breaks $3.4 Million in revenue and the brand continues too expands.


Wake Up Warrior launches first movies of Warrior Week and changes the marketing game for ever. Wake Up Warrior sells out Warrior Week every single month. Wake Up Warrior brings on three full time team members. Warrior Builds out the first Warrior HQ in Laguna Beach, CA. Wake Up Warrior Establishes a new stand for training men. Starts accelerating Investment in Paid Media. Wake Up Warrior breaks $1.3 Million in revenue and the brand is rising.


Achilles is healed and back in the game with Crossfit. The famous GREEN HAT Videos start daily from Crossfit Gyms across the country. Leaves Adam Spiel and Movement Marketers Academy. Goes All in with Public Declaration to fly train men with Wake Up Warrior. April 2013 Gilbert, AZ Warrior Week 1. August 2013 Gilbert, AZ Warrior Week 2. Move to Ladera Ranch, CA with Danielle and the kids. December Surf and Sand Hotel Warrior Week 3. Garrett wins Underground Marketer of the Year. Hires Jesse Elder as a mentor. Hires Frank Kern as a Mentor. Hires Perry Marshall as a Mentor. Wake Up Warrior breaks $640K in revenue.


Continue to run Paid To Play Academy but without partners. Partners with Heather Madder and launches Wake Up Academy for Energy healers. Learns about the power of Recurring Revenue. Launches Movement Marketers Academy with Adam Spiel. Joins Forces with Solevie and Visalis Network marketing companies. Danielle Launches Natural Beaded Rows and DKW Styling. Garrett has first $250K month since Banking days. Garrett Sells partnership with Wake Up Academy, Solevie & Visalus. Launches Wake Up Warriors First Video Asset. Hires Kevin Nations as a consultant. $10k per seat and launches the first group of 5 men into Wake Up Warrior. Mike Isom, Cary Robarge, Jim Friel, Marti Orifice, Greg Anderson. Wake Up Warrior does $50,000 in revenue.


Quits ultra running and starts Crossfit. Leaves Brett Harward as a business Partner. Launches Paid To Play Academy with Ryan Bradshaw and Neil Bryce. Creates first Home Study programs that sell. Builds First Funnels. Spends his first $10,000 on Ad Spend with Greg Anderson. Buys domain WakeUpWarrior.com and the initial idea is born. Gets his first iPhone. Reads “Gorilla Marketing in 30 days”. Ruptures Achilles Tendon in September and has surgery. Ruptures Achilles Tendon again on October 31st the night before moving to Arizona. Has Surgery a second time. Moves to Gilbert Arizona with Danielle and the girls. Has his first $100k a month again as a producer. Garrett continues working with Brendon Burchard and expand his concepts. Warriors Way is starting to formalize and noticeably transform Garretts Life.


Continues with Ultra Running. Attends first experiential training experience with Great Life Institute in SLC, UT. (Brett Harward The Trainer). Leaves REIC and Kris Krohn position. Partners with Brett Harward Author of 5 Laws that Determine All Lives Outcomes. Learns about the Consulting Industry and closes his first $250k consulting contract. Starts to Turn things around slightly in business and marriage via the Producer Power Hour. Garrett Hires Brendon Burchard and attends Experts Academy.


Attempts to complete the Red Rock Relay 188 Mile Team Race Solo, finished 156 miles before quitting. Leaves Freedom Fast Track and Garrett Gunderson. Kris Krohn (Graduate of Awaken Soul Purpose) purchases Awaken Soul Purpose & Hires Garrett Full Time. Continues to expand the Awaken Soul Purpose brand & events purchased by REIC. Goes deep into the world of Energy work and Energy Healing spending 5-6 hours a day in sessions. Leaves the LDS Faith for good and has massive falling out with Family. Begins Gamification of the basic Warriors Way knows as the Producer Power Hour.


Mortgage Market destroys Investors Paradigm. Investors Paradigm Shuts Down in April and everyone is let go. Paradigm Life Insurance sold to Patrick Donahoe. Become CEO of Freedom Fast Track and partners with Garrett B Gunderson In SLC, UT. Launches the “Killing Sacred Cows” book with Gunderson. Hires Brett Harward as a consultant for Freedom Fast Track. Takes on Ultra-running and finishes his first 100 Miler the Grand Teton 100. Goes to My Life Book with John Butcher In Chicago (Video Event). Starts Studying with the Ishaya Monks in Meditation heavily. Launches the Awaken Soul Purpose Intensive series. Kris Krohn attends Awaken Soul Purpose Intensive. Starts questioning his involvement in organized religion. Short Sold Real Estate and moved into rental. Starts building the initial frame for the Warriors Way in journal.


Investors Paradigm expands heavily into Life Insurance & Real Estate. Investors Paradigm launching Education series “Is Paying Off Your Mortgage Costing You Your Retirement?”. Investors Paradigm becomes the beacon for Strategic Mortgage Planning. Paradigm Life. Insurance launched. Becomes the Spokesman for Mortgage Coach Software. Shares Stage with Tony Robbins at the Mortgage Planning Summit In Las Vegas, NV. First Signs of Mortgage Meltdown begins to impact The Investors Paradigm (Commission Chaos). Receives a Lottery Ticket to Iron Man World-championships. Attend Land Mark Education. Second Child Bailee White Born. Competes in Ironman World Championships (11:44:49). Hires his first Life Coach Steve Deanunzio who introduces him to mediation.


Early 2006 I Sell Investment Lending INC to partners in Vegas. Move to Utah & Launch The Investors Paradigm LLC. Aquires two mortgage companies and merges then into The Investors Paradigm. Focused on Mortgages, Life Insurance, Real Estate and also Eduction products. Largest Cash Flow Board Game nights on the west coast 200+ people per event. Speaking across the country on the Get Motivated Tours (B Stages). Completes first half (Vineman 70.3) (5:22:38) and Full Ironman Distance Races Silverman Las Vegas NV (14:00:01). First $100,000 take home month.


Investment Lending expands to Utah and California and grows to 50 Team Members. Life Insurance begins to be part of the financial path. Real Estate and Land Deals become part of the financial path. Completes San Diego Marathon 3:38:39. Completes completes Chicago Marathon 3:21:47. Completes completes Vegas Marathon 3:42:05.


Investment Lending LLC triples in size and passes 30 Team members. Getting murdered trying to learn how to be a business owner. Working 18 hour days 6-7 days a week. Ignoring Danielle. First $50,000 take home month.


Married to Danielle K Wathen. Mortgage Broker Flagship Financial Group. Move To Las Vegas, Launch Investment Lending LLC. Buy First Home In Green Valley Ranch. First $25,000 take home month.


Graduates from BYU in Secondary Education Pedagogy (PE). Third Season of ARENA FOOTBALL with The Utah Warriors National Indoor Football league (NIFL). NIFL Championships loss to Ohio Valley. DB coach Orem HS Football (UT). Reads Rich Dad Poor Dad – Life Alters for Ever. Becomes a Entrepreneur and launches into Sales. The Death of the Athlete and the Rise of the Entrepreneur Begins. Mortgage Broker Flagship Financial Group. No money for 6 months all on a Discover Credit Card. First $10,000 month fall of 2002.


Attends BYU to complete degree in Physical Education. Second Season of ARENA FOOTBALL with The Utah Express National Indoor Football league (NIFL). Meets Danielle K White at a Church Event. Freshman Defensive Coordinator Alpine HS Football (UT).


Kristi and Garrett get back together and move to Canada. Chooses to play football in Canada @ University of Calgary (Spring Ball Only). Divorced from Kristi Lynn Hauser. Moves back to Utah. One Season of ARENA FOOTBALL with The Utah Rattlers National Indoor Football league (NIFL).


Ricks Jr College Football Season 2. Tumor Surgery successful, recovered and started at Safety. Son Parker Jaymes White born. Kristi & Garrett separation and filing for divorce.


Ricks Jr College Football Season 1. Junior College National Championship loss to Butler. Married Kristi Lynn Hauser. Kristi Pregnant. Tumor Found In Jaw.


Mormon Mission Miami Florida. 14 hour days knocking Doors. Learn Spanish and talked about Jesus. Complete Closer Confidence via rejection.


Get Injured Senior year. Graduate From Eisenhower HS. BOISE STATE FULL RIDE Scholarship FOOTBALL (94/95). Boise State Big Sky Conference Champions. Boise State Division 1AA National Championship Loss to Youngstown State.


Start as a Sophomore on Varsity Football. Started Two ways as WR and SAFTEY Junior and Senior year.


8th Grade Pop Warner Football Stockton CA. You are the BIG GUY. Dad Shakes Me Against the fence. Move to Washington from Stockton, CA.


Super Bowl Plants the SEED. Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots. I am mesmerized and everything Becomes about football for me.
I have found my purpose.



6 Different Elementary Schools
5 Different states
Learned to adapt and deal with people real fast


June 14 1976 Provo, Utah

Born on the Wall Street Journal on my moms bed.
Kept in Isolation at the hospital because I was born outside the hospital.

Balance and Partnership

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